BC Cricket Championship: Thrilling cricket action from Canada

Cricket fans got one more reason to celebrate with back to back live cricket action on 1SPORTS. This August is going to be thrilling with Live Canadian cricket action, BC. Cricket Championship. It is a premier T20 league that aims to bring cricket back after this long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Boasting a star-studded and talented roster, the league is set to offer live action to fans across the globe. Five teams, BC. Champions, Kings 11 Kelowna, Surrey Shines, Vancouver Vibes, and Victoria Waves will battle it out for the ultimate prize in the inaugural edition! The event is organized by BC Sports Promotion Inc and approved by the British Colombia Cricket Council.

The league will be telecasted live on 1SPORTS from 7th August, 9:30 PM onwards. This is going to be a gala week with 10 league matches, 2 semi-finals and one final. The first five days starting from 7th till August 11, will cover all the league matches followed by two semi-finals on August 12. The Final will be played on August 13, at 9.30 (IST).

With an objective to bring cricket back for the cricket fans, boost local talent and the cricket of Canada, the championship will offer 25,000 Canadian Dollars as prize money to the proud winner.

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