Clash of the Titans as Entity Gaming takes on Team Brutality

ESL India Premiership

It’s the clash between two of the titans of ESL India Premiership Fall Season 2017. One is the leader of the score board with 12 points while the other is fan’s favourite with two wins out of three. On 29th July, Entity Gaming will be going against Team Brutality.

Entity gaming is currently the top team in India with 12 points on the leaderboard having dropped only two games from six matches which they have played. Brutality, on other hand is the fan’s favourite team having won two games out of three and having 6 points on leaderboards. Entity is currently playing with lineup of Astarr, Ace, Hunter, Ribbi and Excalli while brutality is playing with Venom, Rix, Juventa, Wuzz and Pexxer in their lineup.

Entity has performed really well in recent games though the dropped a couple of games and their recent performance has really been upto the mark. Brutality on the other hand have also shown some good performance though they lost one game and it is going to be a tough fight among the two titans!

So, will it be Entity which will increase the lead or will it be Brutality who will close the gap! Tune into DSport at 2:30 PM IST to catch them in action!

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