ESL India Premiership 2017: Eternal Esports Aims For A Win, Brutality Seeks To Extend Win-Streak

Today will be an interesting match to watch out for. Firstly, it will be a derby match of sorts, especially given that both teams hail from Mumbai. Secondly, each team boasts of dominance in a particular format. Yes, you heard that right! While Eternal Esports is a stronger team on LAN, it fails miserably online. Similarly, Brutality tends to be the dominating one, online, however, it cannot replicate its dominance at LAN events.

Coincidentally, both of the teams will be playing their second game in the Fall Season – September Phase today. While Brutality had managed to secure a win in its first game, Eternal failed to do so. Thus, the two teams are placed fourth and seventh respectively. However, today’s game is heavily tilted in the favor of Brutality. This is because the yellow and black jersey boys have an impeccable advantage over their opponents in ESL India Premiership 2017. When it comes to the online format, Brutality has a clean 5-0 win-streak over Eternal Esports. However, in the LAN event, both of the teams share a 1-1 scorecard. However, it should be noted that Eternal Esports managed to finish third at the Summer Season Finale, while Brutality had to settle for a fourth place finish.

However, today’s match will still be an interesting one. Since the old adage applies to CS:GO as well, “anything can happen in a game”. Maybe today Eternal Esports finally breaks from the shackles of defeat and surprise their opponent! Or, Brutality will win once more and progress towards a record of sorts, where it can boast of a clean record over an opponent in the online format!

For today’s fixture, Eternal Esports will witness Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotvani lead an inspired team consisting of Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose, Shailesh ‘blackhawk’ Dalvi, Vivek ‘Shabby’ Patel and Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma. Meanwhile, Brutality will stick to their tried and tested strategy and will go ahead with a lineup consisting of Ankit “V3nom” Panth, Arun “Juventa” Kandpal, Aakash “Rix” More, Pranay “Wuzz” Bhatia and Kunal “PeXXeR” Bhatia. Tune into 1sports at 5:30 PM IST to watch all the action unfold!

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