ESL India Premiership 2017: May The Best Team Win!


After weeks of stunning matches, the July phase in the Fall season of ESL India Premiership 2017 has come to an end. The teams in the Master and Challenger League as well as the Starter Cup, tussled as they fought their way to the top. However, for the team who failed to perform, their battle has just begun. Similar to traditional sport leagues, the ESL India Premiership 2017 has incorporated the promotion-relegation feature. This makes the league even more competitive and all participating teams are tasked with putting their best foot forward, in every game.

In the CS:GO Master League,  the teams, Shooting Monkeys and JMD Gaming finished 7th and 8th respectively. However, JMD Gaming has already played its match against second-placed Challenger League team, IYATI and unfortunately lost. Hence, JMD Gaming will continue its campaign in the August phase of ESL India Premiership 2017 from the Challenger League. Meanwhile, upstart team, IYATI will be locking horns with Shooting Monkey as it tries to make an entry into the August phase, Master League.

Though, it is not going to be an easy affair as Shooting Monkeys are no pushovers. With players such as Akash “Anakil” Gudhka and Aaqib “Falken” Dingankar on its roster, the team has the required firepower to take down any threat. On the other hand, IYATI have Sachin “pwN” Gaikwad and Vinay “Veerbhadra” Puniya. Both of these players have a lot of raw talent and when channeled correctly, they can bring ruin to their opponents!

For today’s game, both teams are not taking any risks, since a loss will mean a berth in the Challenger League. Shooting Monkeys will be fielding Akash “Anakill” Gudhka, Amit “Revo1t” Singh, Aaqib “Falken” Dingankar, Varun “Spy” Mehta and Sagar “akCerebro”. Meanwhile, IYATI have chosen to go into today’s match with Saharyar “BaDMaN” Shaikh, Sachin “pwN” Gaikwad, Vinay “veerbhadra” Puniya, Ojas “slotz” Samant and Shreyas “p7”.

Will Shooting Monkeys retain their spot in the Master League, or will IYATI be the new champions entering the Master League? The progress of the Master League playoffs will be telecasted exclusively on 1sports. So don’t forget to tune in at 2:30 PM IST and support your favourite CS:GO teams!

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