ESL India Premiership 2017: New Month, New Opportunities!

ESL India Premiership 2017

Today marks the beginning of the August phase in the Fall Season of ESL India Premiership 2017. The day also signals the arrival of new teams in the two Leagues. For instance, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Fall – Master League welcomes the team, Excellence of Execution. Similarly, the Fall – Challenger League will witness Starter Cup teams, 2ez Gaming and Yallah Esports eye for top spots towards the end of this month. Meanwhile, the Master League team, JMD Gaming has been pushed into the Challenger League due to its poor performance in the July phase, as well as its inability to clinch victories in the ensuing relegation playoffs.

Coming back to the CS:GO Master League, the August phase is set to begin with a big bang! The top two teams in the League, Risky Gaming and Entity Esports will be locking horns… However, as far as statistics is concerned, in ESL India Premiership 2017, the two teams have crossed paths with each other for a record seven times. However, in these seven times, Entity Gaming has managed to register only a single victory. This record may speaks volumes of Risky Gaming’s dominance, but at the same time, it also proves that the Emirati team can be beaten.

With the standing tables wiped clean, Entity Gaming will try to register a victory today. The opportunity to beat their biggest rival in the League early on during a phase will give the Mumbai team the required confidence to take on subsequent opponents. Meanwhile, Risky Gaming will try to extend their win-streak into the August Phase as well.

For today’s game, Entity Gaming will field their usual line up consisting of astarRRRR, Ace, HuNtR, ribbiZ and Excalli. On the other hand, Risky Gaming will go ahead with breAker, havoK, Nami, Kitkat and Karribob. Will Entity Gaming be able to surprise Risky Gaming today? Or, is it going to be another field day for Risky Gaming? Tune into Dsport at 2:30 PM IST to catch them in action!

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