ESL India Premiership: Brutality Hope To Bring Down Eternal Esports Today

ESL India Premiership: Brutality Hope To Bring Down Eternal Esports Today

The ESL India Premiership 2017 continues to challenge the participants and at the same time amaze viewers with exciting matches. The Premiership crosses the 13th day mark today and will see the most challenging teams in the tournament go up against each other! Yes, we are referring to none other than Eternal ESports and Team Brutality.

With the July session of the Fall season coming to a close, teams are already worried about the position they will finish at in the standings table. Today we have a similar match, which takes place between Eternal Esports and Brutality.

Both Eternal Esports and Brutality, hail from Mumbai, however on the standings table, the teams are placed 4th and 6th respectively. A win for Eternal Esports will help the team climb up the standings table, while a loss will fixate them in the same place. Meanwhile, Brutality will experience a bump in its position in the standings table and finishing the phase with more points in one’s pocket certainly does not hurt anyone!

Hence, it all comes down to Brutality’s line-up featuring, V3nom, Juventa, Rix, Wuzz and PeXXeR. On the other hand, Eternal Esports will go ahead with their usual starting line-up featuring, Antidote, blackhawk, Shabby and Amaterasu. Will Antidote be able to shut down Brutality with his superior AWP skills or will the boys in yellow manage to pull a fast one on Eternal Esports?

Tune into Dsport at 2:30 PM IST to catch them in action!


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