ESL India Premiership and CS:GO – Some Interesting Facts

ESL Indian Premiership

Counter Strike:Global Offensive, the game which hit the markets on 21st  August 2012 surely has taken over the eSports industry with legendary sprint. The game, which was once criticized to be one of Valve’s ambitious dream, today, is the one of the top eSports game in the world; beating DOTA II, League of Legends and StarCraft in the sheer number of tournaments held each year. The prize pool was Valve’s recent major MLG Columbus was increased to $1 million in 2016, and World  Electronic Sports Games 2016(WESG) has a prizepool of $1.5 million one of the highest for esport events after The International for Dota  and the viewership broke many records, making it one of the highest grossing eSports event in the history of the sport.

We know you are waiting with bated breath for this game, here are interesting facts about CS:GO which would even surprise some veteran players.

You can’t see your own shadow

It seems weird but actually is also the truth, you cannot really see your own shadows while in-game from your POV, it is mainly because POV cams do not actually have the shadow render, thus you don’t see them.

CSGO was earlier to be available across all platforms Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 3 players, but was ultimately limited to include only the PC versions because of the difference in update frequency between the systems,

Surprised! Well, it was never planned to be an independent game and successor of Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike.

When it first launched, CS:GO didn’t have Competitive Mode and Skins

Yes you heard it right. No matchmaking and skins. Back to defaults.

If you keep the tutorials on, you can locate the bomb in smoke

This one actually is a trick to locate the bomb when you struggle to find it in deep smoke.Easy Ninjas!

Launch options – pirate

Yea, this actually works. Adding “-language pirate” in launch options will change the in-game language of your game and will look more convincing than ever!

ESL India Premiership is coming first time on Indian Television with CS:GO exclusively on DSport from July 19th, 2:30 PM onwards. Now that you know about the game, be the part of this Egaming extravaganza!

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