M L S All Stars: Getting friendly in Chicago

The Real Madrid vs MLS All Star friendly match in Chicago on August 2nd is the jewel in the crown of the US Pre-Season Tour. Real Madrid can safely be tagged as the apple’s eye after their glorious win over Juventus F.C in the UEFA Champions League.

On the MLS All Star side of the halfway line, they’ve ensured they come up with a near-invincible lineup, with Bastian Schweinsteiger and David Villa as the most prominent European imports. The All-Star Game, which since 2005 has featured European clubs against MLS All-Stars, will be played at Soldier Field, but it’s no child’s play to predict who’ll be the last man standing. Real Madrid would be the first La Liga team to be playing in the All-Star Game.

The fixture sees 26 Real Madrid players and 23 players from the MLS picked to represent the league, 11 of them chosen for the provisional by an online fan poll, although the coach does get the final say.

It’ll be a great opportunity to see whether Real’s youth system, namely Achraf, Tejero, Quezada, and Luca Zidane from Castilla can surpass opposition’s leaders of the ballot Schweinsteiger, Kaka and Villa.

It now remains to be discerned whether these legends, who’ve attained some of the highest peaks the sport has to offer can kindle up some more magic to beat their elite opponents fresh off the victory.

The 2017 Major League Soccer season is the 22nd season of Major League Soccer, the top division of soccer in the United States and Canada. The regular season already began on March 3, 2017, and will conclude in October 2017. The MLS Cup Playoffs, another major attraction for the football fans, are expected to begin in late October 2017 and conclude with MLS Cup 2017 in December 2017.

As far as MLS All Stars is concerned, predicting who will win, and analyzing who has better chances seems futile, hence all that the fans can do is anxiously await with remotes in their hands, and eyes glued to the calendar to flip to August 2nd.

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