ROH Episode 305: Its Mayhem in the Ring as Kushida defends his Television Title

The Ring of Honor wrestling’s 305th episode is going to be an action-packed event as the international star Kushida takes on New Zealand’s sensation Jay White in the main event. Kushida, the Japanese professional wrestler, and two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, returns to ROH with all the vengeance.  On the other hand, Jay White looks forward to clinching the Title Match and firmly register his name as one of the threats to his opponents. The other events include a face off between ROH’s two giants, Brian Milonas and Beer City Bruiser and a six-men mayhem match featuring Frankie Kazarian, Vinny Marseglia, Marty Scurll, Josh Woods, Shane Taylor and Will Ferrara.

Six-Man Mayhem Match

It is going to be a brutal display of revenge as each wrestler faces five opponents. Frankie and Vinny, both have unique styles which trouble the other quite often. Whereas, Marty can bring in immense force into his game at any given point making it almost impossible for anyone to escape from his bashing. Marty is also the newest entry to the Bullet Club. It will be interesting how Josh, Taylor and Will handle the mayhem.

Brian Milonas vs Beer City Bruiser

They both are huge, they both carry immense power with them, they both are deadly for any opponent, whatsoever! What will happen when they both clash with each other. Though it appears BCB would be having an upper hand due to his flexibility and his cannonball attacks which seldom misses the target. Can Milonas manage to escape BCB’s brutal attacks and pull BCB down for a win!

Main Event: Kushida vs Jay White ROH Television Title Match

They will shake hands, they might exchange some greetings as well, but when they are into action, they barely show any mercy. Kushida plays to defend his Television Title whereas Jay White, the desperately needs to win to pose his contender ship for the heavyweight title. Kushida, an expert in mixed martial arts, can be deadly with his in-air power punches and arm drags. Kushida uses the entire ring to his advantage and always aims to make his opponent tired enough to counter-attack.  It will be really exciting how Jay White handles Kushida’s brutal punches and roll him down to clinch ROH Television Title. Can he do it!

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